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It’s a white out!

On Carnival Monday the streets of Santa Cruz de La Palma in Spain fill with over 50,000 white-clad revelers and huge clouds of talcum powder in an eccentric celebration known as the Day of the Indians (Día de los Indianos).

In the early 20th century, boatloads of locals emigrated to Cuba and returned home, having made their fortune, dressed in Cuban-style white guayaberas and panama hats, carrying suitcases of money. These newly wealthy emigrants were so full of their own self importance bragging about their riches, that they became the target of Carnival jokes. White clothes, Panama hats and suitcases full of money are the main dress for the talcum powder fight, and the main Carnival parade often features Caribbean style costume and blacked up face etc.

La Palma is one of the Canary islands off the coast of mainland Spain. The nearest major airport to Santa Cruz de la Palma, Spain is La Palma Airport about 6 km from the center of Santa Cruz de la Palma. If you cannot find flights directly to Santa Cruz de la Palma then try flying in to Tenerife and get the ferry across to La Palma de Santa Cruz.

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Food and drink are a way of life in Spain. The Spanish eat late, you won’t see many restaurants even open before 9pm and they are at their busiest between 11pm and midnight. Pick at tasty Spanish tapas, drink Sangria or a good Spanish Rioja.

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