Halloween Lanterns Turnip Lanterns by somewhereintheworldtoday

Easily scared these Luxembourg girls!

Trauliicht gët gebrannt is a longstanding tradition in Munshausen, Luxembourg that involves all the boys in the town frightening all the girls with hollowed out turnip lanterns.

The tradition is born out of guarding the village cattle. The boys herd the cattle back from their fields as night falls terrorising the female sex with their illuminated turnips as they go.

The festival is around Halloween time, often on the last Saturday in October.

Munshausen is situated in the north-eastern part of Luxembourg about 65km from Luxembourg airport. Go to the Living Rural Museum, A Robbesscheier, on Frummeschgaass Munshausen to see the shenanigans.

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Eat Turnip soup? Drink French wine, Belgian or Dutch beer.